With over eight years of Android experience and award-winning apps under my belt, I can help you build quality apps from scratch or improve already-released products. Helping businesses dream up, design, and deploy great products is my specialty.

Improve your impact: A thoughtfully designed Android app creates credibility, boosts brand image, and engages valuable markets across the globe. I’ll work with you to help yours stand out from the rest.

Collaborative process: Great communication is key to a smooth and enjoyable development process. From initial brainstorming all the way to app release, it helps to have a freelance Android developer who communicates well (and often) about the status of your project.

An invested partner: Publishing your app is sometimes only the beginning. When the reviews start coming in, it’s paramount to have an experienced and responsive developer available. Your ongoing success is important to me (my business relies on referrals from happy clients) and I won’t disappear after your app goes public.

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How I can help

Build an app from scratch: If you’ve got zero lines of code, I can transform your ideas and designs into a published app. Have an existing app built for another platform and need an Android version? I can help with that, too.

Update an existing app: I can add new features to an existing project or improve its quality. In the past, I’ve boosted the ratings of existing apps by fixing bugs and adding user requested features.

Got a stuck project?: Is there something weird or difficult happening on your current project? I can jump in and figure out any tricky technical issues while meeting your deadlines.

Something else?: I’m a lifelong learner so if there’s something I haven’t mentioned that you need help with, feel free to reach out; I’d love to hear about what’s going on.

Companies I’ve worked with

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Some work I’ve done

Tastemade for Android is Tastemade’s award-winning food, travel, and home design video app with new content added every day. It features user accounts, in-app purchases, server-driven layouts, and is localized in eight different languages. The app has millions of downloads and has won several awards including Google Play’s Editor’s Choice. I was the sole Android developer on this app and built it from the ground up.

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Golfshot for Android is Shotzoom’s flagship sports product and one of the most popular golf apps on the Play Store. It features user accounts, in-app purchases, lots of user data management, map navigation, and GPS functions. I started this app from scratch, building its architecture out, and later lead a small team to its successful release.

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Some people I’ve partnered with

Kevin Loughran, Project Manager @ Utility NYC
At around 5 minutes into my interview with Tommy, I knew he was a perfect fit for our project. Not only is he one of the most competent Android developers I’ve ever met, but he also brings a genuine interest in problem solving to the table, which is so hard to come by. Hardworking, skilled, patient, curious, kind - he definitely exceeded all expectations for us and our client. I honestly can’t wait to work with him again.

Natalia Contreras-Brown, Head of Product Management @ Tastemade Inc
Tommy is great to work with. He is extremely professional and every part of the process went as per the agreed schedule. He was thorough and delivered quality work. I highly recommend, and would use his services for future projects.

Andrew Hulsizer, Owned & Operated Technical Lead @ Tastemade Inc
Tommy is a great partner to work with. He provided us with the insight and knowledge we were lacking to get our Android app out the door. Tommy is very professional, always delivering on time, high quality work that we are proud to put out.

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A little more about me

I’m based in the beautiful city of Austin, Texas and have built software professionaly since 2004. I began specializing in Android in 2010 and love working with the platform. I’ve held full-time roles ranging from team lead to user experience designer to sole product developer. In 2018, I started my freelance business in order to help a wider range of people and projects. I also build video games in Unity in my free time.